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How it all began

A UNIQ Story

It all started years ago with the vision of founder Hafiz. After fleeing his home country Afghanistan due to the war, Hafiz found refuge in the Netherlands. He decided to turn his negative experiences into something positive and came up with the idea of a durable but affordable product line for mobile accessories. What started as a simple idea has now developed into an internationally selling successful brand. Bringing together a Dutch no-nonsense mentality with Afghan passion, UNIQ stands for durable, stylish, warm products for a no-nonsense price. At UNIQ we believe that every individual is unique and what better way to express yourself than with your mobile phone.

That's why


Everyone is different and we embrace this. Our mission is bringing style, practicality and fun together for a price that everyone can afford. So be UNIQ!

License holder

NT Mobiel

UNIQ Accessory is a brand by NT Mobiel Accessoires, one of the biggest wholesale companies in smartphones, tablets and accessories in the Netherlands.

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